Toric Cord

In many cases, standard O-rings covering maintenance needs do not exist. In these cases, the use of calibrated toric wire is frequently used: It is a toric profile cut to the desired size and whose two ends come together; glued by the use of specific adhesives, or it can be thermally vulcanized. It is usually advisable to use glued O-rings only in static applications while vulcanized O-rings can also be mounted in dynamic applications.

The arrangement of 6 extruder indicates a large production of toric cord in all dimensions.

From 1 mm up to 100 mm in diameter

We have a laboratory and a mixing house that allows us to provide the highest quality with great flexibility and speed.

Toric Cord Available

  • NR40
  • NBR70
  • NBR90
  • EPDM70
  • VMQ
  • FPM75

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We have a wide range of standard profiles, both in rubber with metal insertion, cellular/spongy, thermoplastic and in all types of synthetic and natural rubbers.

Our technical service jointly develops the necessary 3D-drawings and assemblies to obtain total customer satisfaction.