About us

Romero Dyscar is a company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, import and export of products that ensure the Fixation, Closing and Sealing in all of the industry's areas.

That was an idea that we had clear from the beginning, almost 20 years ago. As it was also to have professionals who treasure a wide knowledge of the different ranges of products and services that shape our activity. The very evolution of our work led us to project efforts in several divisions: Chemicals, Washers, Rubber, Kits, Projects and Air Conditioning. This differentiation has allowed us to grow in each one of them in a more effective way but at the same time the clients have benefited from being able to offer them a range of more complete and complementary products.

We were clear from the beginning that we should offer products for small and large series. This has allowed us to provide ourselves with great maneuverability and to be able to serve from huge quantities to small ones and from simple and standardized pieces to the ones which are the most complicated and out of measure.

For that purpose, we are obliged to have truly number one suppliers in their specialty. Our customers do not deserve less... The immediacy in the service is another of our reference parameters. Normally, internal logistics allows us to dispatch orders on the same day, including export orders. This operation has enabled us to ensure a very high quality of service. We work with the main transport agencies so that our products reach the client's facilities as soon as possible.

Thanks to these efforts, we have earned the confidence year after year of a large number of national and international clients. In addition, the different requirements of these in terms of manufacturing, formulation, packaging, labeling, verification, presentation, assembly, advice, certification, homologation, etc., has moved our relationship with our customers ever-closer. For this we have provided a wide storage capacity since all these tasks force us to a have a very good optimization of the space.

Practically from our inception we were especially interested to be present in different national and international competitions. Direct contact with current and potential customers gives us a very specific market image.

During all these years the very growth of our activity marked the need for the creation of two of our main brands. So we have Albatem that includes a long list of maintenance chemicals for Automotive and Industry such as silicones, fixers, adhesives, etc. The other big brand would be hole-lock that groups small fixing material like washers, screws, o-rings, etc. In both cases product quality is very high.