Leaders in tightness

A great deal of our activity is focused on providing sealing solutions for any industrial activity. The fluid conduction is good proof of this.

Each sealing operation requires a specific material and different properties, depending on the fluid's characteristics, working temperature, pressure or vacuum and linear speed of the point to be sealed if it is to make a dynamic seal.

Fluids, like all materials, have physical properties that allow characterizing and quantifying their behavior as well as distinguishing them from others. Some of these properties are unique to fluids and others are typical of all substances. Properties such as viscosity, surface tension and vapor pressure can only be defined in liquids and gases. However, specific mass, specific weight and density are attributes of any material.

The products commonly used for these tasks are seals (for oils and greases), collars (in pneumatics and hydraulics), o-rings, flat seals (cardboard, graphite, metal, plastic, rubber...), gaskets or packing, mechanical seals, polytetrafluoroethylene tape, patches, mastics, etc.

Leak testing's purpose is to ensure the absence of leaks in any system in which fluids are involved at pressures equal to or different from atmospheric pressure.

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A Brand Leader

We develop your product line according to your needs. We can adapt the packaging and the formulation of each product to your needs so that it enhances your brand in the most convenient way.

In the case of chemical products we can even design your labels and provide you with the already labeled product. In addition, all our kits can be customized with your brand as well as the innumerable items of all kinds that we have. Our philosophy is to work with the client's brand, that is why almost all our articles are packaged in a neutral way and are capable of being branded. This allows the customer to identify themselves from the first moment with our products. Given the synergies that we manage, all this is feasible with really moderate amounts, which allows practically all of our customers to benefit from working with their brand from the start.

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Suitability for the Client

A large part of our growth is due directly to our customers' success, with whom we collaborate closely in reducing costs, avoiding costs regarding handling, packaging, personalization, transport, etc.

Our productive means in constant development improve the our clients' expectations, we contribute all our knowledge to achieve their innovations' development.

We are clear that from a part's development, the assembly of a equipment or a product family's integration, our client must be unique, and that is why we develop and work individually in each project modifying our resources according to their need.

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