Soft Material Seals.

Flat joints cut from soft material are almost certainly the best known due to their multiple applications depending on the material used during their manufacture. Among the most used materials, we can highlight the compressed materials which are made based on aramid fibers, organic... mixed with different binders in order to obtain the most diverse services. We must take into account the fluid-pressure-temperature relationship when using these seals. In general, this type of joints offers a good seal for low temperatures and pressures. Since the composition of these materials contains polymers, and due to the their ageing, we must bear in mind that their storage must keep the following conditions:

  • Storage in enclosed spaces to avoid inclement weather's attack.
  • They should not be exposed to the sun.
  • It should be avoided that the air's relative humidity exceeds 70% for more than 75% of the year.
  • It is necessary to proceed with the stored boards' inversion approximately every 10 weeks from top to bottom.

Avoid contact with any external element that can cut, scrape, break, scratch, hit...

Besides this type of joints can be used in other materials such as: oiled paper, ceramic fibers, felt, leather, PVC...