High and medium pressure clamps

Clamps serve to ensure the fixing of sleeves, cables, plugs, etc... We must select a concrete clamp that allows us to fix one or several elements in order to ensure its durability over time. So, it is important to select a clamp that can fulfill our purpose, with a quality that on the one hand prevents us from damaging the material to be fixed, and on the other hand one that guarantees its fixation fulfilling some resistance requirements in order to manage with its exposed environment.

DIN 3017 - Band width 9 mm. And 12 mm. Manufactured in W2 stainless steel. Zinc-plated screw.

9 mm and 12 mm Clamps Without-End.

W1 and W4 Super Clamps

Isophonic double thread clamp 8/10

Nylon Flanges