Compounds that do not vulcanize

Hylomar Limited manufactures the world's leading range of non-hardening compounds made for high performance joints and seals.

The original product was developed in conjunction with Rolls Royce and was used to seal aircraft engines. Hylomar continues to manufacture Rolls Royce-approved products for the sealing of aeronautical turbines. Original equipment manufacturers of motors, compressors, electric motors, heavy industrial equipment, gearboxes, components for the defense industry, turbines and many others choose Hylomar's non-curing compounds for their sealing and bonding applications.

Hylomar's products do not harden or solidify, even at elevated temperatures. Metal-metal contact forming a strong structural joint. Provides all the time needed to perfectly align the pieces. Resistant to vibration. Flame, dust and moisture-proof. Resistant to air, special products for piston and turbine engines, water resistant, glycol and water mixtures, methanol and water, oil and synthetic lubricating oils, diester, gasoline, kerosene and fluorocarbon refrigerants. It can be used on surfaces that undergo changes in temperature. Application in vertical sides on the bottom since it does not drip. It covers the surface's irregularities.

Hylomar, world leader

Hylomar Limited manufactures a wide variety of top-quality sealants and adhesives used by some of the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) in the automotive, aerospace, white goods, power generation/distribution, electronics/photonics and engineering industries in general.

Hylomar products are widely used and respected after sales in the automotive, aerospace and industrial markets. The Universal Blue and Hylomar M stand out because they are the worldwide leaders for non-curing seals and packaging. Hylomar Aerograde (PL32), Aerograde Ultra and Advanced Formulation are specified by several aviation engine manufacturers including; Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney. Hylomar Aerograde is also specified by NATO.

Hylomar products include Hylosil Silicones® and Hylosil® Instant Gasket, the Hylo Grip Anaerobic®, Fillers and Adhesives Hylo Epoxy®Fix and Tilebond, Pre-applied Hyloseal and Hyloloc, Exhaust Pastes, MS Hylo Polymers® Flex, Hylo Structural Adhesives® Bond and Hylo Instant Adhesives® Glue.

Hylomar RTV silicones are used to seal engines, gearboxes and transmissions by leading vehicle manufacturers around the world being particularly favored with amine-based curing products.

Additionally, unlike many companies of sealants and adhesives, Hylomar Limited is a manufacturer and product formulator, therefore, if it is commercially viable; you can develop the products according to the client's needs.

Hylomar® Universal Blue

The leading compound for joints and packaging that does not harden is available now. The product can be used to replace traditional packaging or to coat a joint to significantly improve its effectiveness.

  • It does not harden
  • Very wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250° C) (-58 to +482°F)
  • Resistant to Combustibles

Hylomar® M

The original and genuine compound for joints and packaging that does not harden specified by OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) around the world.

  • Manufactured under the Rolls Royce license
  • Dichloromethane Free
  • Very wide operating temperature range (-50 to + 250° C) (-58 to +482°F)
  • Resistant to gasoline

Hylomar® Aerograde PL32

The original compound for joints and packaging that does not harden which is approved by Rolls Royce and NATO.

Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra PL32A

Non-chlorinated version of Aerograde with Rolls Royce's approval.

  • It can be used as a direct replacement of the Aerograde PL32

Hylomar® Advanced Formulation & AFHV

Fill imperfections on coupling surfaces so that it forms a seal.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-50° C to +250° C) (-58 to +482°F)
  • Does not fill clear - Metal to metal contact
  • Resistant to oil, fuel and many other chemicals
  • Solvent-Free

* Presentation in: 85gr tube; 250mil can; 300m cartridge